why ICBC Leasing?

ICBC Leasing drives the real economy.

Being part of the largest financial group in the world, we are, since 2007,?a leading leasing firm in China, fast becoming a global leader and one of the most profitable arms of ICBC Group.

Our growth is built on strong corporate values and vast resources. They are the foundations on which we run and develop our business, using world-class risk/asset management systems and processes.

With one of the youngest aircraft fleet, competitive maritime assets, ‘big ticket’ equipment?and custom private leasing solutions, we have the full breadth of perspectives on every aspect of the leasing industry.

The diversity of our services makes ICBC Leasing the world’s most comprehensive leasing firm, providing tailor-made solutions to our global customer base, understanding their needs and guiding them throughout the contract lifecycle.

ICBC Leasing is ICBC’s response to your financing needs.