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Financial Lease
A financial lease is a type of lease in which a finance company is typically the legal owner of the asset during the duration of the lease, while the lessee not only has just operating control over the asset, but also shares a substantial economic risks and returns from the change in the valuation of the underlying asset.
Operating Lease
An operating lease does not appear on the balance sheet and tends to improve cash-flow. The lessee has several options at the end of the lease. This solution is particularly suitable for assets like construction machinery and locomotives.
Conditional Sale
The conditional sales method is one of several approaches used to recognize revenue under the US GAAP, specifically when revenue and expenses are recognized at the time of cash collection rather than at the time of sale. This solution can be applied in countries with leasing license limits.
Factoring is a financial transaction and a type of debtor finance in which a business sells its accounts receivable (i.e.,invoices) to a third party (called a factor) at a discount.
Tax Lease
Tax lease is a transaction providing a tailored structure to our customer to optimize their tax requirements.
Tax Planning
Tax planning provides a clear view of the tax environment and the transaction's structure, with the best potential for the project's country.
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The cross-border department specializes in providing leasing products, research and solutions to Chinese industrial leaders, helping them succeed in overseas markets while raising the economic value and capabilities of developing foreign regions and nations.

ICBC Leasing is greatly instrumental in the nationwide development of China’s public transportation infrastructure, including?the China Railway High-Speed Network (CRH) and the Wuhan Metro Network.

Natural & Mineral Resources
With the largest fleet of heavy vehicles and excavation equipment, ICBC Leasing's?reliability and experience is unique in terms of servicing the natural resources and mining industries both in China and abroad.

Electric Power & Energy
Energy technology is a fundamental pillar of China’s economical development. ICBC Leasing is actively engaged in promoting renewable and clean energy innovations.

Heavy Duty Equipment
Providing large-scale equipment's leasing solutions, ICBC Leasing is committed to promote the technological update and replacement of core equipment, helping the domestic equipment manufacturing industry to make a leap forward.?

China Domestic
ICBC Leasing has provided a wide range of innovative leasing products, services and tailored solutions for Chinese local companies, organizations, institutions and government projects in many different industries supporting urban infrastructure, medical science, education, environmental protection, development zones, tourism?zones, digital television and healthcare equipment.

Asset management

ICBC Leasing is constantly developing innovative asset management solutions for our global clients, including:

  • Contract execution and credit risk management: project review, lease management, lessee analysis, customer credit rating
  • Leased assets and collaterals management: establishing assets management system, as well as ownership registration and value management of leased assets
  • Portfolio management: leased assets structure adjustment plans, expanding market for asset deals, customized assets portfolio solutions
  • Regional management centers: daily oversight and performance evaluation of regional management centers

We offer asset management services suitable for various industries: high-end equipment manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, tourism, telecommunications

With over 30 clients, ICBC Leasing Equipment is a key player in supporting the Economic and Maritime "silk road".? Most dynamic industries include locomotives and railways, power stations, mining, papermaking, construction machinery, telecommunications and urban infrastructure.
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